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Estate Planning

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When you spend years creating a life you're proud of, you don't want it all to disappear when you're gone. To make sure you leave a legacy that will last, estate planning is needed. While it may be tough to think about, embracing estate planning will make sure your loved ones aren't burdened.

Understanding the Tools of Estate Planning

There are different ways to secure your assets for your family after you're gone. Advanced Benefit Systems will show you how to use each of these options in the best way for your needs:

Trusts & Fiduciary Services

You can take care of your beneficiaries with trusts and the right services to manage those trusts. This allows you to share assets the way you want to protect your family.

Charitable Giving

If you want to leave some of your wealth to charity, Advanced Benefit Systems can show you how to make the biggest impact for the causes you care about.


Make sure your will is clear and binding. This tool makes sure that your wishes are carried out as you want, taking the burden off your family.

Power of Attorney

If the day comes when you need someone else to make decisions for you, we'll show you how designating power of attorney takes the guesswork out of who is in charge.

Protect Your Legacy Now

The sooner you begin estate planning, the sooner you gain the confidence that comes with having a plan for your family. Start today with Advanced Benefit Systems.

Advanced Benefit Systems and LPL Financial do not offer legal advice or services.

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